Local Parking Enforcement

To report parking problems outside your school please call your local Parking Enforcement office.

Ashford Borough Council[email protected]01233 331 111
Canterbury City Council[email protected]01227 862 000
Dartford Borough Council[email protected]01322 343 131
Dover District Council[email protected]01304 872 008
Gravesham Borough Coucil[email protected]01474 377 000
Maidstone District Council[email protected]01622 602 000
Sevenoaks District Council[email protected]01732 227 000
Shepway District Council[email protected]01303 858 660
Swale District Council[email protected]01795 417 850
Thanet District Council[email protected]01843 577 473
Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council[email protected]01732 876 034
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council[email protected]01892 526 121

Civil Enforcement Officer

Should you require police presence please contact your local PCSO or visit the Kent police website.

Changing the Highway or reporting a problem

For enquires connected to road markings, extending or moving zig zag lines, pedestrian guard railings or any
other highway safety measures near to the school please click here or telephone 03000 41 81 81

School Crossing Patrol

For enquiries and information click here: School Crossing Patrols.

KCC Road Safety Videos for Schools

Here is the link to the KCC pedestrian training videos – aimed at parents/carers and teachers to share tips on how to teach children to cross the road: https://kentroadsafety.info/what-we-do/small-steps/

School Travel Plans (STP)

An STP helps schools to gather information on travel-related issues which may affect pupils and parents on their journey to and from the school. Whilst it is not a legal requirement for schools to have one in place, it can be of benefit by demonstrating its commitment to the promotion of safer, more ‘active’ and sustainable travel (such as walking, cycling, scootering, park & walk, etc) to and from the school/academy. With the main emphasis on reducing the number of children whose journeys are solely by private car this, in turn, could help:

Further benefits of a School Travel Plan (STP) include:

  1. It provides the necessary information should the school/academy ever need to apply for planning
    permission for changes to their site infrastructure.
  2. It enables the school/academy to bid for funding up to £5,000 from KCC towards on-site infrastructure (such as covered bicycle racks, scooter parking hubs, helmet storage, footpath improvements, pupil safety measures, etc.) which could further aid the take-up of active travel to and from the school by pupils/students and staff alike.

For enquiries and further information click here

SALI* Travel Maps

SALI* Travel Maps and leaflets are an effective way to promote sustainable travel alternatives to staff, parents and residents, to influence their behaviour and encourage a reduction in car use. By indicating the sustainable travel routes and options that are available on the map/leaflet publication – whilst also highlighting their benefits – people are more likely to give these options a try.

Tailored information can show local walking & cycling routes, park & stride sites while isochrones can indicate, for example, five/ten-minute walking or parking exclusion zones, and icons can locate zebra- and patrol-crossings on the map.

*SALI = Semi Automated Leaflet Interface

For further information contact: [email protected] or [email protected]