Parents – How can you help?

Most of our Kent schools now have a “School Travel Plan”, which details how the school plans to address any congestion issues that surround the school premises, any initiatives that they have been involved with relating to the promotion of sustainable travel and it also details any safety concerns that the school identifies for pupils travelling to and from school. Unfortunately, it is becoming very rare that a travel plan is submitted that doesn’t highlight issues surrounding inconsiderate and dangerous parking inside and/or around the school site.

For this reason, the “Responsible Parking” initiative was born! Lots of schools have already downloaded our toolkit and have incorporated this into their Travel Plans and day to day practice; however, to really feel the benefit of this concept, we need to take this further and invite everyone involved in the school run to do their bit to help to make the school environment a safer place…

You can pick and choose what what’s right for you:

If your child is already walking, cycling/scooting or using public transport to get to school then that is great. However, we understand that there are times when driving your child to school can be unavoidable – maybe you live too far away from the school? Perhaps the weather is bad? The school is on your way to work? Or perhaps it just puts your mind at easy knowing that they got to school safely?

Well, here is a list of some ideas that parents have used to help ease congestion, get their kids a little more active and reinforce the responsible parking message:

Share your ideas!

If you have more suggestions on how to combat irresponsible parking and create a safer and more sustainable school run, then we would love to hear from you! You can email us at marc/[email protected] or iona.rogulski@iona-rogulski

KCC Road Safety Videos for Schools

Here is a link to the KCC pedestrian training videos – aimed at parents/carers and teachers to share tips on how to teach children to cross the road:

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